How To Use A Stretch Mark Cream For Best Results, While Pregnant

Pregnancy is a delicate condition for women. Some skin problems may arise when one is pregnant. Stretch marks on the belly are one of those major problems. Almost 90% of women around the world suffer from this problem during their pregnancy. The cure for this problem is to use pregnancy stretch mark cream on the belly.

How To Use A Stretch Mark Cream For Best Results, While Pregnant?
How To Use A Stretch Mark Cream For Best Results, While Pregnant

Pregnancy Stretch Mark Cream

Due to the expansion of the belly during pregnancy, white stretch marks may appear. Initially, the color of this mark is pink or red. This mark can become itchy and sore and cause discomfort to the pregnant woman. As this is a delicate state, any problem during the pregnancy affects the mother and indirectly affects the baby. It is important that the mother stays healthy. Read this article to know the proper method to use pregnancy stretch mark cream for best results, keeping the mother healthy and happy.

Best Method To Use Pregnancy Stretch Mark Cream 

Stretch marks during pregnancy can be a real nuisance. It may cause a lot of discomfort. Pregnancy stretch mark cream can cure this problem and end your discomfort. However, just applying this cream won’t be as beneficial as it should be. You should take some extra steps as well to get the best results. 

Start Applying Before The Problem Occurs 

Research shows that stretch marks start to occur after the fourth month of the pregnancy. We recommend to not wait for these marks to occur and start applying the cream from the third month of the pregnancy. Apply the cream once daily. This will reduce the severity of the stretch mark in the belly. 

Use Stretch Mark Cream and Increase Fluid Intake 

From the fourth month of pregnancy, start applying pregnancy stretch mark cream twice daily and start increasing your fluid intake. Staying hydrated will help the cream to work more effectively. When body cells are hydrated, they tend to be more flexible and can bear the stretching. Drink plenty of water, take citrus juice, lemonade, etc. with applying stretch mark cream. 

How To Use A Stretch Mark Cream For Best Results, While Pregnant?

How To Use A Stretch Mark Cream For Best Results, While Pregnant

Balance Diet With Stretch Mark Cream Helps In Reducing Scars

A balanced diet during pregnancy is important. Healthy nutrients are important for the mother as well as the baby. Proper intake of a balanced diet with the application of the cream can increase the efficiency of the cream and help you get better results. 

Oil Massage Your Belly On A Daily Basis

Two hours before applying the cream, gently massage your belly with oil. It is also beneficial for the baby. This will improve blood circulation in the skin of the belly. Improved blood circulation will help the cream and reduce the chances of getting a stretch mark. 

Intake Vitamins With Cream 

Some vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E can help the stretch mark cream in curing the stretch marks. Consult your doctor and ask him/her to prescribe some of these vitamins. Do not take these vitamins without consulting your doctor during the pregnancy. 

Use Cream Until Three Months After Delivery 

Stretch marks occur during the pregnancy. However, they can also occur after the baby is delivered. The itchiness and discomfort caused will be the same. Hence, apply the cream for three months after the pregnancy is over so that you can prevent this. 

The use of pregnancy stretch mark cream can help with this problem. This cream should be applied to the skin twice a day. Simply applying this cream will not cure the marks. You have to use it following the proper method. Taking proper care of your skin can reduce the effect of stretch marks on your belly. 

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